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Bible Prosperity Secrets That Create Overflowing Blessings

Do you want more than enough?  Blessings so great that they “overflow”?  Where you have enough for not only you and your family, but some to give to others.

Well in Luke Chapter 6, Jesus shares some prosperity secrets to receiving overflowing blessings.   These are not just “Attitudes”, but “Actions” that we can take to create prosperity and abundance.

Have you ever read Luke Chapter 6 verse 38? Read More of this Article

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Biblical Prosperity Laws That Create Wealth and Abundance

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In Physics there is a phenomenon called “the Law of Cause and Effect”.  It means for every cause there is an opposite effect.  If you read close enough, you will see that same principle applies to Biblical Prosperity Laws.    We can create own personal prosperity by studying these prosperity scripturesand applying them to our lives.

During our bible study and research, we discovered four prosperity laws. Below are these key prosperity laws with supporting bible verses for your review.  If you desire more in your life then read and meditate on these divine words for guidance on creating wealth and abundance. Read More of this Article

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